What's being written about iOS apps

We show you blog articles about your iOS app, and about the apps of your competitors. With this knowledge you can engage the community in a better way.

Our database contains around a million links to the App Store across the web. We filtered out the duplicates, and the sites just reprinting the store. Only the interesting sources were kept. Even if your app has a few mentions, what about your competitors? What can you learn from their approach to PR?


Random Stats

- approx. 16% of all apps are covered by at least one press article
- 8% have at least 2 mentions
- top 1% of apps generated 20% press articles
- only one in 33 links to App Store we found was interesting
- we found around 1 million useful ones

Apps everybody's talking about

1. Facebook
2. Tweetie
3. Instagram
4. Google Maps
5. iBooks
6. Flipboard
7. Evernote
8. Google Search
9. Kindle
10. Google+
11. Gmail
12. Skype
13. Google Chrome
14. Find my iPhone
15. YouTube
16. Camera+
17. Vine
18. Angry Birds
19. Twitter
20. Infinity Blade 2
Those are the apps we found most mentions for.